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We accept community contributed packages via our onboarding system - an open software review system, sorta like scholarly paper review, but way better. We’ll highlight newly onboarded packages here. A huge thanks to our reviewers, who do a lot of work reviewing (see the blog post on our review system), and the authors of the packages!

If you want to be a reviewer fill out this short form, and we’ll ping you when there’s a submission that fits in your area of expertise.

The following four packages recently went through our onboarding process and has been approved!

The following two packages were recently submitted:

On the blog

main blog

Steffi LaZerte wrote about her package weathercan recently onboarded with rOpenSci: Integrating data from weathercan

Charles Gray wrote about her experience in reviewing her first R package: An Ode to Testing, my first review.

The rOpenSci Editors wrote a post Thanking Your Reviewers: Gratitude through Semantic Metadata announcing that we can now include reviewers in the Authors section of an R package’s DESCRIPTION file. Yay!

David Winter wrote a post (A rentrez paper, and how to use the NCBI’s new API keys) about his package rentrez for interacting with NCBI data. He discussed a recently published paper on rentrez and support for API keys for NCBI.

Use cases

If you’ve used rOpenSci software in a blog post or a paper, tell us on the discussion forum and we’ll share it with our community here.

The following 15 works use/cite rOpenSci software:

In the news

David Clark shared a screenshot of packages he was using for a project, including rOpenSci’s geojsonio package to do GeoJSON I/O (input/output):

Ciera Martinez and Caryn Johansen describe in a blog post how to use our neotoma package to access and explore mammal bone records

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