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  • A new package available (v1.0.0) is on CRAN. available checks if the title of a package is available, appropriate and interesting. Check out the README to get started. Repository on GitHub


Software Review ✔

We accept community contributed packages via our onboarding system - an open software review system, sorta like scholarly paper review, but way better. We’ll highlight newly onboarded packages here. A huge thanks to our reviewers, who do a lot of work reviewing (see the blog post on our review system), and the authors of the packages!

If you want to be a reviewer fill out this short form, and we’ll ping you when there’s a submission that fits in your area of expertise.

The following packages were recently submitted for review:

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.rprofile series

Our second post is out in our .rprofile series: .rprofile: Mara Averick by Kelly O’Briant. Mara on Twitter ->

Keep an eye out for more posts in this series.

main blog

We’ve had two blog posts on our main blog in the past two weeks.

One of the posts is from our community manager Stefanie Butland. In the post Six tips for running a successful unconference Stefanie writes about six tips for running a succesful unconference.

The other post is a follow up on the recent rOpenSci unconference ozunconf in Melbourne, Australia. In the piece Jonathan Carroll summarized one of the projects at the unconf: 2017 rOpenSci ozunconf :: Reflections and the realtime Package


We’ve had one post on our technotes blog in the past two weeks:

Scott Chamberlain discusses v1 of the solrium package: solrium 1.0: Working with Solr from R

Use cases

The following seven works use/cite rOpenSci or rOpenSci software:

If you’ve used rOpenSci software in a blog post or a paper, tell us on the discussion forum and we’ll share it with our community here.

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