We accept community contributed packages via our onboarding system - a software review system, sorta like scholarly paper review, but way better. We’ll highlight new packages here that have come through this system. A huge thanks to our reviewers, who do a lot of work reviewing (see the blog post on our review system), and the authors of the packages!

If you want to be a reviewer we have a new form you can fill out, and we’ll ping you when there’s a submission that fits in your area of expertise.

There haven’t been any submissions or approved packages since last news - it’s a good time to submit your package! At least ask questions if you’re not sure how it works, or if your package is a good fit.

On the blog

Our own Jeroen Oooms came out with a post on his package mongolite Release mongolite 1.0 - it’s a great interface to the NoSQL database MongoDB. Jeroen has done a great job on mongolite, including thorough documentation.

Onboarding series

We’re doing a series of guest blog posts for packages that have gone through our software review process at ropensci/onboarding.

The 3rd post came out last week, and was by Claudia Vitolo on her package hddtools - Discover hydrological data using the hddtools R package.

2nd: Maëlle Salmon on her package ropenaq - ropenaq, a breath of fresh air/R.

1st: Sean Hughes on his package plater - From a million nested ifelses to the plater package.

We’ll have more posts in this series coming out soon - keep an eye out.

Use Cases

Two papers use/cite rOpenSci packages:

Keep up with rOpenSci news

There are a number of ways to keep up with what rOpenSci is doing:


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