We have two new packages on CRAN, both of which went through our review process (see links below).


  • We are working on more cheat sheets, for spocc, rgbif, and more. We’ll have drafts of these soon, so let us know if you have any feedback on those in the works, or if you want a cheat sheet we don’t have yet at ropensci/cheatsheets.

rOpenSci in the news

Use cases

A new R package uses an rOpenSci package:

A few recent papers cite rOpenSci software:

  1. O’Meara, Brian C., et al. “Evolutionary models for the retention of adult–adult social play in primates: The roles of diet and other factors associated with resource acquisition.” Adaptive Behavior (2015): 1059712315611733. doi:10.1177/1059712315611733 

  2. Dellinger, Agnes S., et al. “Niche dynamics of alien species do not differ among sexual and apomictic flowering plants.” New Phytologist (2015). doi:10.1111/nph.13694