• Our R binding to the libgit2 library, git2r, is now on CRAN. Find it at git2r is maintained by Stefan Widgren. This is a powerful way to work with git, allowing you to never have to leave the comfort of the R command line.
  • We’ve started a new package, elasticdsl, as a higher level client wrapping our Elasticsearch client, elastic, focused mostly around search (as opposed to cluster management, etc.). With elasticdsl you can easily pipe together query statements without having to deal with messy json strings.
  • Along the lines of higher level abstractions, we’ve started playing with a new package, binomen, that provides tools for manipulating data that includes taxonomic names. It’s the same R objects you’re used to (data.frame’s, lists, etc.), but taxonomically aware (and pipe %>% friendly).

rOpenSci HQ

  • We are in the process of defining policy for new packages, which we’ll roll out soon. We are also working on a set of guidelines for packages contributed to rOpenSci, which are not strictly enforced, but strongly recommended. We call it the rOpenSci Packaging Guide. Let us know if you have any feedback on this guide. Soon, we’ll be directing current and potential package contributors to these guidelines.


Use cases, questions & answers

  • There are a lot of GitHub repos using rOpenSci pacakges. We generated a short list of repos using some rOpenSci packages, and posted to our discussion forum. If you’re curious how our packages are used and in what contexts (teaching, research, etc.), that list is a good place to start.

API news