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  • Video of our Community Call on Security for R is up, along with a long list of resources. Hear from Bob Rudis on Zen and the art of ensuring confidentiality and integrity in analytics workflows and Ildi Czeller on authorization vs authentication explained through signing commits: why you should do it and how the ropsec package helps you do it the right way.
  • Our Community Manager Stefanie Butland is speaking at an R-Ladies Seattle meetup Wed May 22nd on the theme of Learning R and Building Community. Other speakers are Malisa Smith, Bioinformatician at University of Washington, and Pamela Moriarty, Data Scientist at Zulily. See for details.
  • The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research is partnering with rOpenSci and the Antarctic Biodiversity Portal in organizing a short course on tools for Southern Ocean spatial analysis and modeling using R. Apply by Friday, June 15th. See for details.

Software 📦

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New Versions

  • A new version (v0.2.9) of stplanr is on CRAN - sustainable transport planning. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the docs to get started.

    new fxns od_aggregate_from()/od_aggregate_to(); updates to many fxns; better website

  • A new version (v0.2.3) of bikedata is on CRAN - download and aggregate data from public hire bicycle systems. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the docs to get started.

    fix dl_bikedata for Philadelphia

  • A new version (v0.9.7) of taxize is on CRAN - taxonomic toolbelt for R. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the taxize book to get started.

    class2tree() gains node labels when present

  • A new version (v0.6.0) of rerddap is on CRAN - General Purpose Client for ERDDAP Servers. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the vignettes to get started.

    info() gains base url in its output; improved griddap() docs and bug fixes

  • A new version (v1.3.0) of rgbif is on CRAN - interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the occurrence manual to get started.

    occ_download()/occ_download_prep() gain new param. format (you can now get species lists)

  • A new version (v0.4.2) of rdatacite is on CRAN - client for DataCite. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the README to get started.

    fixes for encoding in test fixtures

  • A new version (v0.9.2) of rcrossref is on CRAN - R client for the Crossref API. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the rcrossref vignette to get started.

    main rcrossref fxns gain option to do progress bar when doing deep pagination

  • A new version (v0.8.0) of rbison is on CRAN - interface to the USGS BISON API. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the vignette to get started.

    update readme/vignette wrt relationship between GBIF and BISON

  • A new version (v0.8.6) of rplos is on CRAN - Interface to the Search API for Public Library of Science journals. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the vignettes to get started.

    fixes for encoding in test fixtures

  • A new version (v1.2.2) of rentrez is on CRAN - ENTREZ in R. See the release notes for changes. Checkout the vignette to get started.

    force curl to use http/1.1; fix in parse_pubmed_xml; docs clarification for extract_from_esummary

Software Review ✔

We accept community contributed packages via our onboarding system - an open software review system, sorta like scholarly paper review, but way better. We’ll highlight newly onboarded packages here. A huge thanks to our reviewers, who do a lot of work reviewing (see the blog post on our review system), and the authors of the packages!

If you want to be a reviewer fill out this short form, and we’ll ping you when there’s a submission that fits in your area of expertise.

The following package was recently submitted:

The following two packages recently went through our onboarding process and have been approved:

On the blog

Main blog

Julia Silge wrote a post on Relaunching the qualtRics package for the qualtRics package she maintains.

Pachá wrote a post on Open Trade Statistics for the tradestatistics package he maintains.

Use Cases

The following 10 works use/cite rOpenSci software:

There’s three recent use cases in the Use Cases section of the rOpenSci discussion forum:

In The News

Arvia Sreenivasan highlighted example rnaturalearth usage

Call For Contributors

Part of the mission of rOpenSci is making sustainable software that users can rely on. Some software maintainers need to give up maintenance due to a variety of circumstances. When that happens we try to find new maintainers.

We’ve had six recent examples of maintainer transitions within rOpenSci:

We don’t have any packages looking for new maintainers - if you are a maintainer and want to hand over that role to someone else get in touch with us.

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